Parc Ferme time

It’s time to drive the blog into the Parc Ferme for a while. It grinds to a halt for a while, but it will get faster again.

Cover image by Bob Bob / Flickr

Why am I writing this entry? Simply: my second child was born during the Rally Finland weekend and I want to fully concentrate on that for a while. Right now sleep is my #1 free time activity and as long as it continues, there will be no more blog posts.

I also want to address that writing the route previews has become increasingly difficult through the growing amount of new events. In 2018 I was bored of Sweden and Portugal having unchanged routes from the previous year, but now it’s the exact opposite! During the two last years I’ve had to write from scratch all of Estonia, Monza, Arctic, Croatia, Ypres and Acropolis. In addition Monte, Sardinia, Portugal and Catalunya added new stages, while Estonia and Finland 2021 were largely revamped. At the same time, I have also had to throw away almost complete route previews of Argentina and Portugal 2020, as the events were cancelled, and a big chunk of Sweden and Mexico 2020 were left unused.

Looking at the start of the 2022 season, there will be 90% new Monte and 100% new Sweden. New Zealand will be all new for me, and so would be Northern Ireland, if that event happens in the end. It’s not going to get easier right now.

The WRC calendar history series has been very very interesting to make, but it’s also highly time consuming and the long blog posts are tough to proofread. Luckily I got that series close enough to the present day.

Writing the blog is essentially just a hobby and I want to keep it fun, not a responsibility. It breaks my heart to skip some upcoming WRC events, but it’s still better than to quit altogether. I might write about something, but not about everything. I hope to be back by Rally Finland 2022 route preview. We’ll see how busy life turns out.

Let’s keep in touch!

– Antti

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