WRC Calendar History VIII: 1998-2003

The WRC had rebooted itself in 1997 and the format was found successful. The calendar changed mostly only by one event a year, although new events were eager to join in. Rallies started to concentrate their routes on smaller areas, with less service area locations combined with longer stages. Meanwhile, new rules were being experimented […]

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WRC Calendar History VII: 1997

The World Rally Championship adopted a new format in 1997. The rotation was abandoned and all rallies were again included in the championship. Now there were fourteen events, and all top drivers would take part in all of them. To compensate this, the rallies were made shorter and some had to adjust their traditional dates. […]

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WRC Calendar History VI: 1994-1996

In 1994 the WRC calendar was reshaped drastically. A new rotation rule meant that every WRC event — even the classic ones — would take their turn in having a year off the WRC Calendar within a three-year period. The calendar became shorter, but more competitive. Another big change on service areas would follow a […]

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WRC Calendar History V: 1989-1993

During the early 90’s the speed of the cars started growing again, alongside the popularity of the series. Some of the earlier limitations were lifted one by one, and when events couldn’t be made longer by the total distance, endurance aspect was brought in via longer stages. Two new events also made their debut in the series during this era.

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WRC Calendar History I: 1973

This is the beginning of an article series where we go through the history of the WRC from the viewpoint of the routes and seasonal calendars. There won’t be many mentions of cars, drivers or winners, but plenty of geography, kilometer numbers and rule changes. To kickstart the series, we look at the inaugural WRC […]

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