The mighty Moksi region

Moksi, Leustu, Moksi-Leustu, Sahloinen, Surkee, Parkkola, Vellipohja, Painaa, Horkka…familiar names for a Rally Finland follower. They are all located in an area South-West from Jyväskylä limited roughly by the main roads E63, 607 and 604. I shall call it the Moksi region in this blog post. Throughout the years it has served the rally a number […]

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Ouninpohja pt. 3: The Future

In the two previous posts we have recognized the popularity of Ouninpohja, gotten familiar with the roads and researched the history. But now it’s time to look into the future. I’m afraid that Ouninpohja, as we know it, may not be driven again in Rally Finland at least for a while. 

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Ouninpohja pt. 2: The Evolution

In the previous post we already tried to figure out what makes Ouninpohja so special and found a lot of places with history, incidents and legends. But all the those places haven’t always been the same or even included. Decades worth of Ouninpohja was driven without the Kakaristo junction turn or the yellow house jump […]

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Ouninpohja pt. 1: The Legends

Ouninpohja. A stage of superlatives. The fastest stage. the toughest stage, one of the best stages in the whole WRC season. A persistent favourite of spectators and drivers. What makes it so special? How was its past and where is its future? I’m going to observe this in a trilogy of posts.

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