April Fools: FIA Requests WRC stage titles translated into English

To make pronouncing of stage titles more accessible around the world, from 2023 Rally Estonia onwards all stage titles shall be translated into English. Safari and Japan have already experimented this with for example the stages Hell’s Gate and Shitara Town Reverse. So far, Rally Estonia and Rally Finland have published their newly translated stage lists.

Cover photo by Toyota Gazoo Racing (C)

Rally Estonia 2023

Rally Estonia director Urmo Aava says “these titles came easily, except for our new shakedown In the Coffin, whose meaning was derived from Lithuanian language”. Aava also has regrets for updating the route for this year. “The Counterpart Manor stage should have been kept for having such a cool name”.

Original titleNew title
ShakedownKarsteIn the Coffin 1
SS1Tartu Vald 1Aurochs’ Municipality 1
SS2Peipsiääre 1Pipe’s Edge 1
SS3Mustvee 1Black Water 1
SS4Raanitsa 1Knapsack 1
SS5Peipsiääre 2Pipe’s Edge 2
SS6Mustvee 2Black Water 2
SS7Raanitsa 2Knapsack 2
SS9Mäekülä 1Mountain’s Village 1
SS10Otepää 1Bear’s Head 1
SS11Mäekülä 2Mountain’s Village 2
SS12Otepää 2Bear’s Head 2
SS13Elva 1Alive 1
SS14Kanepi 2Hemp 1
SS15Elva 2Alive 2
SS16Kanepi 2Hemp 2
SS17Tartu Vald 2Aurochs’ Municipality 2
SS18Karaski 1Scone 1
SS19Kambja 1And the Gang 1
SS20Karaski 2Scone 2
SS21Kambja 2And the Gang 2

Rally Finland 2023

Clerk of the Course Kai Tarkiainen said some of the translations went quite deep into history books. Especially so for the grim power stage Your Lust – Deceased. “The city of Jämsä has gotten its name from the Northern Sámi language word jápmit, which means ‘to die'”, said Tarkiainen. He also promises to choose stages with better titles for the future “We’ll definitely take back Ace Hill, Pot River, Sonic Rapids and Small Birchbark Hut from the recent years!”

Original titleNew Title
ShakedownRannankyläShore’s Village
SS1Harju 1Ridge 1
SS2Laukaa 1Meadow 1
SS3Lankamaa 1Thread Land 1
SS4Myhinpää 1Rapids’ Head 1
SS5Halttula 1Limp House 1
SS6Laukaa 2Meadow 2
SS7Lankamaa 2Thread Land 2
SS8Myhinpää 2Rapids’ Head 2
SS9Halttula 2Limp House 2
SS10Harju 2Ridge 2
SS11Västilä 1Sylvester’s House 1
SS12Päijälä 1Thunder God’s House 1
SS13Rapsula 1Rap Molten 1
SS14Vekkula 1Beggar’s House 1
SS15Västilä 2Sylvester’s House 2
SS16Päijälä 2Thunder God’s House 2
SS17Rapsula 2Rap Molten 2
SS18Vekkula 2Beggar’s House 2
SS19Moksi – Sahloinen 1Carry Over Water – Small Island 1
SS20Himos – Jämsä 1Your Lust – Deceased 1
SS21Moksi – Sahloinen 2Carry Over Water – Small Island 2
SS22Himos – Jämsä 2Your Lust – Deceased 2

Later in the season we’ll likely see the stages Bath House and Free Village in Acropolis as well as Spiked and Hairy in Chile. The Central European rally is new but it could have the stages Milestone and Sunbather. However, as for 2024, apparently Monte Carlo’s waiver to use French stage titles is already accepted in FIA!

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