Rally Finland 2023 Route Revealed

Rally Finland organizers keep the fans surprised with route updates almost every year. The 2023 edition dusts off three stages and changes the power stage. The end result is a very fast rally, likely the fastest WRC event ever!

Cover image by Toni Ollikainen / AKK (C)

Thursday begins just like last year with the fast shakedown of Rannankylä and the twin-lap super special of Harju. At least Rannankylä is more fitting for the very fast route of this year’s edition and Harju was successfully updated.

Friday is largely new, driven all East of Jyväskylä. Laukaa has a new first half (often suggested in this blog!) with the familiar ending and length remaining similar. Next up is Lankamaa, back to its usual driving direction, opposed from last year and starting once again through the farmyard but ending already before the small road section, making it a super fast stage! But more fast stuff is coming with with Myhinpää returning for the first time since 2015. The day is completed by Halttula, an angular stage last driven in 1995, and last in 1993 in this format, although the start appears to be a bit earlier with one added junction turn. The day concludes with the second run of Harju, which is now driven again in the evening instead of midday like last year.

Friday is a relatively short day with just 104 stage kilometres but Saturday gives a full blast with 160 km of stages. The day brings back Västilä, another fast classic stage used already in the 60’s and not after 2001. Päijälä, Rapsula and Vekkula are the same as last year, all 20 km stages.

Sunday is now in a completely different region with Moksi – Sahloinen (reversed from last year) opening the day and Himos – Jämsä (with a new beginning, ending from 2010 and 2015) acting as the power stage. There’s also a tyre fitting zone before the power stage, to prevent Sunday cruising!

It’s noticable that Ruuhimäki is completely absent from the route, not even acting as the shakedown. The two other stages to go onto the bench are Ässämäki and Oittila.

All in all this seems like a successful update. There’s good things from last year but also updates and things that have been requested by the rally fans, namely changing the power stage.

However, we can expect really high speeds from this event, especially from the cut down Lankamaa as well as the new stages Myhinpää and Västilä. Halttula could also be close to 130 km/h with the new cars since it has been roughly as fast as Laukaa in 1993. All this assumed, if they can run it without chicanes.

At the same time some epic small road sections like are almost completely gone. Compared to last year Lankamaa and Patajoki small roads are gone, and from 2021 the ones from Moksi, Arvaja, Oittila and the other one from Patajoki. We’re left with the “Ouninpohja small road” on Rapsula, as well as the short loops on Moksi and Päijälä.

But then again, this way the rally is more about to what it’s known for – fast corners and jumps on firm and smooth roads.

5 thoughts on “Rally Finland 2023 Route Revealed

  1. I didn’t see any chicanes in Sweden and some stages were much faster. Also, having half of the rally on a single day feels weird. Over all very good though.


    1. Indeed. Norrby 1 exceeded 140 (specifically 141) with the second run & both Floda runs nearing 140 (Floda 1: 139, Norrby 2: 139.5, & Floda 2: 139.3), so nearly or roughly 130 without chicanes should be a non-issue for Halttula & other proper Friday stages.


    2. Chicanes are not based on just numerical speeds. It’s OK to drive flat out for a while as long as there are some junction turns every once in a while. And Rally Sweden had that. Plus the snow banks increase safety a lot.

      The Saturday is kinda tough but then again it’s less road cleaning on Friday, and less retired cars for Saturday, which is the biggest ticket selling day. Sardinia has 150 km on Friday. Different routes, different challenges.


  2. Overall, a decent route with especially Myhinpää, but also Hattula, & Västilä back after a while, even if otherwise, nothing I specifically hoped for, but someday.
    The Himos-Jämsä end isn’t precisely what I hoped for either, which is more akin to the 2009-10 ending section with the same precise finish location as in the 2004-09 configurations, but close enough & at least not Ruuhimäki next time around for a change.
    Another good thing about this route is the Ruuhimäki-Lankamaa-Laukaa-Myhinpää, etc., region stages aren’t mixed on the same day with another region stages as has happened every now & then.


    1. Largely agreed. However, the Himos hill climb section has nice corners and the new beginning could be interesting. But of course I would have wanted to see 2009-2010 style Vaheri beginning on this power stage!

      As for Friday, I think it’s cleverly constructed with Laukaa and Halttula – two less-interesting stages – acting as the ones where people can run back and forth between, and then Lankamaa and Myhinpää attracting larger crowds on their own. It could nicely balance the traffic jams instead of everyone packing into two stages.


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